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About Us

The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong

The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (“HSUHK”), formerly known as Hang Seng Management College and Hang Seng School of Commerce, has been a degree-granting institution since 2010. It officially became a private university with the approval from Hong Kong SAR Government in October 2018. HSUHK has five schools (Business, Communications, Decision Sciences, Humanities and Social Science, and Translation) and currently offers 20 four-year bachelor’s (honours) degree programmes and 5 master’s degree programme for around 5,500 full-time students.

Adopting the “Liberal + Professional” education model which incorporates the iGPS “desired graduate attributes” framework, HSUHK is the first independent residential liberal arts institution in Hong Kong which puts quality teaching and students’ all-round development as its highest priorities. Aspiring to be a leading non-profit private liberal-arts-oriented university in the region, HSUHK features top-quality faculty members, award-winning green campus facilities, innovative degree programmes, impactful research funded by Research Grants Council, and excellent student development and support services, with the aim of nurturing young talents with critical thinking, innovative minds, caring attitude, moral values, and social responsibilities.

Objectives of “HSUHK FunD Run”

HSUHK is proud to present “HSUHK FunD Run” which is scheduled to kick off on 22 March 2020 (Sunday) at 8:30 a.m. With this event, HSUHK hopes to:

  • Unite all sectors of society to build an inclusive community with a sports event
  • Instil positive energy in younger generation, promoting healthy living
  • Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Founding of HSUHK
  • Raise fund for HSUHK’s long-term strategic development
  • Foster a giving culture among various stakeholders of the society